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Bonjour, Berries!

Listening: Comment te dire adieu?, Franciose Hardy This morning was lovely and bright, and I woke up missing Paris ever so much!  Since this bird won’t be flying anywhere in the near future, I suppose this will have to do: … Continue reading

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A New Year’s Letter From Jeannette

Listening: Lived in Bars, Cat Power I found a lavender envelope in my mailbox this afternoon. I carried it into the house, smiling. I sat down, opened it up and peaked inside. “Wait,” I thought. I set the package down, … Continue reading

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Et Je Retourne

Listening: Daphne, Lia Ices Hello.  I am back from February. This has been a quiet, solitary month for me. I decided to give myself a few weeks of private hibernation–no parties or dinners or shows. I turned my phone off … Continue reading

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Letters to Emma Bowlcut

Listening: Diamond Dancer, Bill Callahan “She was dancin’ so hard, she danced herself into a diamond. Dancin’ all by herself, dancin’ all by herself, and not mindin’.” Thank you, Megan, for letting me know he’s written a book.  It is … Continue reading

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The Sun Pours Down Like Honey

Listening: Suzanne, Leonard Cohen “Now Suzanne takes your hand, and she leads you to the river. She is wearing rags and feathers from Salvation Army counters. And the sun pours down like honey on our lady of the harbor, and … Continue reading

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Listening: Take to the Sky, Tori Amos I’m dying my hair red today. For all of these reasons:  Fearless.  Strange.  Fighters.  Creators.  Misfits.  Lovers.  Dancers.  Leaders. I am meant to be one of them. Wish me luck.

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Growing Pains

Reading: The Catcher in the Rye, J.D. Salinger Listening: Playlist– Growing Pains 1.  When I Grow Up, Fever Ray 2.  Changes, David Bowie 3.  1979, The Smashing Pumpkins 4.  But I Might Die Tonight, Cat Stevens 5.  Sugar Mountain, Neil Young … Continue reading

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