A New Year’s Letter From Jeannette

Listening: Lived in Bars, Cat Power

I found a lavender envelope in my mailbox this afternoon.

I carried it into the house, smiling.
I sat down, opened it up and peaked inside.
“Wait,” I thought.
I set the package down, got up, and crossed the room to my record player.
Cat Power, The Greatest–I chose my music carefully, and pressed ‘play’.
Music humming, I sat back down, picked the envelope up, and pulled out my treasure: little bits of love, kindness, and grace.
And then the tears came–but the best kind of tears!
To be reminded that we are not alone,
that there is space enough for imagination and dreaming,
that there is beauty, still, in gifts made by hand…
To be reminded of the lightness friendship brings,
it was a wonderful way to spend the afternoon.
Thank you, sweet friend.
I love you.
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