Season’s Greetings

This morning I awoke to the soft drip-drop of rain, falling sweetly outside my window.  I reluctantly rolled myself out of my cozy bed, got dressed, washed my face, brushed my teeth, enjoyed a quick cup of tea, then headed out the door, on my way to work.  As I passed by my neighbor’s place, I was startled/elated by this awesome greeting, spray-painted across his front window:

HA! My guess is, someone got cheated on, but I’d love to hear your theories.
Regardless, thank you, super-angry-girl, wherever you are, for finally sticking it to this idiot guy who decides to start partying every night at around midnight or so, and blasts the WORST trance/house music I’ve ever tried to drown out with earplugs while wishing I could just fall asleep already.
We girls have a way of getting our point across.
On that note, here’s Tori:

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