“Dance, even if you have nowhere to do it but your living room.”

~Kurt Vonnegut~
Yesterday I went to the ocean, I found a seat on the end of the pier, and I sat to watch the water. The sea was calm, but I was not. I had awoken, restless and anxious over some unnamed thing, and was simply trying not to lose my whole morning to the feeling that I wasn’t doing enough.
Enough what?
So I was watching the endlessness of the ocean, the deep, waveless water, and was at the peak of a deep inhalation of salt air when I saw it–what I’d been looking for, without knowing it: a lone, brave little dolphin leapt out of and over a tiny wave, flipped his belly up to kiss the sunshine, then dove back into the water.
He took me by surprise, crashing into my serene, steady landscape, and I gasped…and then cried. It was his playfulness that broke me. This baby dolphin was dancing and flipping and diving for the joy of it. No thought of to-do lists, or career paths, or student loans, or growing up. He was just interested in dancing.
I was inspired.
I went home, put on a pink tutu, turned the music up all the way, and danced by myself in my living room for a long time.
My Wardrobe:

My Playlist:
When was the last time you danced in your living room, just for the fun of it?
Please do so as soon as possible. It is such a good cure for…everything.
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