And I feel just like Jesus’ Son.

Reading: Jesus’ Son, by Denis Johnson

Listening: Heroin, The Velvet Underground

I’ve already seen the movie. It was years ago, and a sort of forced viewing: a friend of mine had read the book, and was an unwavering disciple. He was sure the movie would make converts of us all.
I’m sure I’m still a firm believer in the most important rule of all:
Always read the book first.
These pages are abundant with vulnerability, redemption. Lost things looking to be found.
For all the destruction of addiction, the stories are relayed with a sense of empathy, and, at times, humor.
I’m listening to anything Lou Reed has touched. Hero worship.

“All these weirdos, and me getting a little better every day right in the midst of them. I had never known, never imagined for a heartbeat, that there might be a place for people like us” (p. 133).

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One Response to And I feel just like Jesus’ Son.

  1. Nata Amores says:

    I love your blog. :)Thank you for following, deary.

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