Run, Sascha, Run

Reading: Broken Glass Park, by Alina Bronsky.

Last night, I could not put the book down. I breezed through the first 70 pages in one sitting, with no thought of sleepy eyes or early mornings. This is very uncharacteristic of me. I am generally a turtle-reader: slow and steady, mindfully absorbing each new turn and pause. But this one has sent me spinning.
This book is brand new (it just arrived in America this March), as is it’s author, who publishes under a pseudonym. Not much is revealed about her, other than that, like her novel’s heroine, Sascha, she was born in Russia, but now resides in Germany. I wonder: are there any more similarities? Murder, mystery, revenge…
I am fascinated!
Although the translation to English is very nice, it still reads like a German novel: very sharp, concise, no-nonsense. And fast.

Also, at some point in my greedy delirium last night, images from Run, Lola, Run started surfacing…

But mostly, I picture Sascha as some version of Natalie Portman in The Professional.

(Just a little movie trivia, I guess)

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