five favorite things this week

1. michelle williams. i love vogue‘s interview with her this month–the further i read the more i wanted to spend time with her. she talks about the healing process, saying “women and kids really got us through the winter. one got me gardening in the spring, and that’s when it started to turn around. i think it’s something about being in nature that made it more possible. i remember being on my hands and knees. the ground was cold and muddy. i pushed back the dead leaves and saw the bright green shoots of spring. under all this decay something was growing. caring for the garden reminded me to care for myself.” (p. 204).

2. doc martens are (finally) back! eighth-grade nostalgia (the smashing pumpkins, my so-called life, thermal, thermal, thermal) is manifesting itself in a major way in my closet. mine are black.

3. the book of questions, by pablo neruda. “do tears not yet spilled wait in small lakes?” (p. 8).

4. florence + the machine. at the moment, my favorite song is “dog days.” you can watch the video here.

5. yogi tea. yum 🙂

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