welcome, autumn.

with a light heart, i bid farewell to summer, and with it the heat, the pool-parties, and, yes, paris. i am ready to look forward, and to do so in the comfort of autumn’s soft light.

jessica and i were talking about peaches–that they were our favorite fruit–and we began to discuss their nature. as an artist, jessica notices their vibrant color changes from the outside to the inside, their shape, their textures. for me, the beauty of peaches lies in their vulnerability: their soft, fuzzy skin, and the abundance of sweet juice that overflows at the first bite. but they’re tricky: eventually, through all that yummy goodness you get to the core of them–and it is solid and tough.

we’re not too different, i think: women and peaches.

so in honor of our conversation, i made a peach tart, and i tried to get it to look as much like a georgia o’keeffe painting as possible (i’m on this o’keeffe kick: an exhibit just finished at ocma). i call it “peaches o’keffe” 🙂

i want to say hello to autumn in a gentle and inspiring way, so today i am going to ride my bike to the park, spread out a big blanket, and sift through sabrina ward harrison books.
and eat peaches.

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